How to take Google-Adsense approval in India in a week


Now you can take google-adsense account approval in India within a week-True Story

There is following guide line by which you can get google approval in India within a week- Its true and now google-adsense is very easy.

Note :- No need to wait six month older of your domain in India also.

Step 1 :- Basic requirements for google-adsense :- 

google-Adsense approval basic requirments1. Your domain must be unique and have some meaning related to blogs.

2. Your website should be looking as professional and have good navigation  and be user friendly.

3. Your website should contain at least 20 to 30 blogs with your own contain avoid copyright materials.

Step 2 :- Requirement of basic Pages for google-adsense :- 

google-adsense nessesary steps

  1. About Us
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Terms of Services
  4. Contact Us

This Pages are compulsory if you want to monetize your website. You can make all this pages with the help of this

Step 3 :- Requirement of 1000 to 500 visitors/day for google-adsense :- 

no visitors for google-adsense If you want to monetize your website you should have at least 500 to 1000 visitors/day. This is also an basic needs before applying adsense.

Step 4 :- Last step before applying  for google-adsense :- 

google-adsenseNow go to and click on “sign up” and creat an account with following precautions :-

  1. Email id should be same as mention your website.
  2. Phone number should be same as mention your website.
  3. Name and address should be same as mention on your website.

Adsense team wants the real person not fake person so by this following steps you can take approval within a week.

Everybody says google-adsense  giving permission in India after six month but i got permission within a week. This is true story of my website. You can try it and get defiantly approval.  

Thanks for reading my article.

Date- 01/10/2016